Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Grandparents Essay Example

Grandparents Essay Example Grandparents Essay Grandparents Essay All five of us walk up to the door take our shoes off, making sure we have our clean socks on. We tiptoe through the beautiful brick house, trying not to ruin the surprise. Through the washing room, through the hallway, and through the kitchen we go to find grandma drinking her cup of coffee, and grandpa reading his newspaper out loud for grandma to hear. They Jump out of their chairs thrilled to see us. They hug each one of us and give us bunches of kisses. No matter how old my great grandfather gets, he still feels eke he has to pick me up even though I insist that he stop. We all go in the living room and sit in our usual spots me, and my little brother on the floor where grandma has set two pillows especially Just for us down there. My mom, dad, and older brother sit on the couch, facing the grandparents. Grandma always sets a big bucket of candy by the fireplace for us. For the first few hours that we are there, we all Just sit around and talk about what has been going on in life since the last time we were there. : For nineteen years now, we go and visit the grandparents about two to three times a year. Each time never telling them when we are coming, we Just surprise them every time; they get a kick out of it. We wish we could see them more often, but with our very busy schedules it makes it difficult. We have tried to get them to Rockford right next door to us, which is about three hours where they live now, so we can help them and take care of them. But they insist that it would be too much of a hassle to find new doctors because grandma is very picky on who she and grandpa see. It took them years to get the doctors they have now. Grandma has back problems, gets migraines, and takes every pill in the book. She has had breast cancer and fought through it very well. Grandpa is a strong ole guy and fights through his pains like a champ and never complains. While trying to please my grandma by cutting this branch that was annoying her, he fell off of a ten foot ladder onto concrete having a rock embedded into his elbow. Let me remind you this is an eighty- five year old. Since my grandma is too scared to drive, he had to drive himself to the emergency room himself. He had the rock removed and had to get four stitches. He got back up on his feet and drove back home to grandma. He takes care of my grandmother the majority of the time. He does all the grocery shopping and pays all the bills. He is my hero; I always look up to him. When the clock strikes llama, all of us kids Jump up to go put our bathing suits on and get ready to get in the grandparents outstanding pool. While we swim, we are surrounded by a lot of big beautiful trees blooming with white flowers, wonderfully bloomed flower beds, and little deer, gnome, and turtle figurines all around. The medium sized waterfall makes the swim so much more relaxing. While we swim our parents and grandparents sit here on the porch swing chit chatting away about life and such. After we are all done splash splashing around in the pool we go and Join the parents until we are all dried off then we all go in and take our little thirty minute nap. Then we all meet back to all go out to eat at nice fancy restaurants, but since my grandmother has gotten older and doesnt really like to leave where she feels safe and comfortable, we Just stay in and order pizza. This is perfectly fine with all of us. When the pizza has arrived we all throw the grub on to see who can eat the most slices and of course my rooters always win. After lunch is story time, my favorite time of the day, we all circle up in the living room. Us kids all tell a story about a sports game we played, or just something interesting for the grandparents to listen to. Then the grandparents tell their wonderful stories from back when they were younger. Grandma has some trouble remembering what stories she has told us and what she hasnt told us. But we dont mind at all because there is this story that she is very proud of that she always seems to tell sometimes we even ask her to tell us it again even though we now the story by heart. The story is about when she was a young girl, and her family decided to go on a hiking trip in Idaho Falls. As they were getting all the supplies ready for their trip, my grandmother came across this rope and insisted that she bring this three foot rope. Her father told her No its Just extra baggage that we dont need, but she wouldnt take no for an answer. After her begging and begging to bring that darn rope along, he finally gave in and said, If you want to take it then youll have to carry it yourself. For some reason her gut was telling her to bring it long, so she wrapped it around her shoulder and took the rope along with her. Along the trip, her little sister was acting careless, and fell down the side of a cliff. Grandmas dad looked at her and said Throw me that rope. So my grandma did as she was told and passed along the rope. Her dad wrapped the rope around the only tree up there. He threw the rope to the bottom where her little sister was and he climbed down the rope, threw her little sister on his back and climbed back up saving his little girls life. In the end, neither she nor her father regretted her bringing that pop. My Grandpa has his wonderful stories also. I love when he tells the stories about when he was in Spain with his daughters. Always driving around in his big black truck with the windows down, every Tuesday was their fun day. They would all wake up around seven in the morning and cook eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Then they would all get into grandpas big awesome truck and drive down to their all-time favorite park. They would play hide-and-seek until lunch time. They would then go to deli for lunch and back home to play board games to end off the night. The day his gutters would always talk about were Tuesday and being with their daddy. My grandparents always have the best stories, and they love to tell their stories to us and whoever else would like to listen. Some of their stories make me realize that I really dont have it as bad as I think. They lived with no television, no electronics, and no cell phones. I cannot imagine how I would survive back then knowing all the good stuff we have now a day. Their stories will always have an impact on my life and I will tell their stories to my children and grandchildren. Their stories will forever live even when they are forever gone. After story time comes the hardest time of the day, the goodbyes. My grandma always starts crying she is always saying, This may be the about it and say, Oh grandma we will see you next time. We go back through the kitchen, through the hallway, and out to the garage to put our shoes on. We give last kisses and hugs and say the farewells. Then back into the car and down the driveway, honk honk honk is how we say our final goodbyes to the grandparents and San Antonio until next time. We make our way through the much crowed neighborhood of very nice houses. And on the way back to Rockford we go.

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